Wow 2018 where did you come from??? I have to apologise. I have been TERRIBLE at blogging and sharing my photography work on social media. I keep saying hello and posting bits to Instagram (I do love Instagram so that is no effort!) . Facebook is lucky if it gets attention once every other week. Which I know is terrible as its all part of my job but to be honest with you I have just been too busy enjoying my baby! Before Florence arrived in the world I worked so hard to build up my business so when I had children it could tick over with no effort (I was determined this would happen!) so I could enjoy my babies when I was with them and when I was working I could just do what I enjoy- be out shooting capturing moments for all my lovely clients! That is EXACTLY what I am doing! I have cut my working days down to three (sometimes two if I can get away with it!) and I just spend my days off not worrying about the fact I should be working but enjoying days out with my little lady! I spend my work days either out photographing weddings, family and business’s or working from home/ cafes editing and doing admin. I won’t lie 2018 is not going to get much better on the blogging/ social media side of things. In April we are due our second baby and I will be taking 8 weeks off from photography and then just easing back into it with mostly family shoots and a few weddings.  When Florence was first born I really struggled with the work/home life happy medium and guilt of not spending enough time with Florence or not spending enough time working but now I feel like I have it all figured out and I love it! Life is very good and I’m feeling ready for round two with our next mini Cooper!

Anyone who know they will be wanting to book a spring/summer family shoot please book in early as spaces will be very limited in May & July!

Because I have been SO terrible here are a few highlights from 2017!